Capture One Batch Export Benchmarks

All times are in seconds
iMac (mid-2011)23020GB RAM
Intel Core i7-5820KNVIDIA GTX 1080ti x 2
NVIDIA GTX 1080ti x 1
OC at 4.4GHz
6 cores, 12 threads
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Core i7-7820XEVGA NVIDIA GTX1080 FTW11.01322367O.C to 4300MHz
ASUS strix x299 gaming
NZXT Kraken 62 cooler
32GB Gskill @3200Mhz
PC (Windows 10)AMD Ryzen 1700XFX AMD Radeon R9 39010.2.13694
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Core i7-6700KMSI AMD Radeon R9 290X Gaming 4G11.0140104CPU OC @4,6Ghz / delidded
4 cores, 8 threads
64GB Gskill @2400Mhz
RAID-0 SSD (1000Mb/s)
Intel HD Graphics 530 disabled in BIOS = 10 sec gain!
PC (Windows 10)Intel Core i7-7820XSapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 Nitro+11.04285i7 7820X @ 4,6Ghz
8 cores, 16 threads
PC (Windows 10)Intel Core i7-7820XNVIDIA Quadro P500011.0.143788 cores, 16 threads
Sandisk Extreme Pro 960 GB.
PC (Windows 10)Intel Core i7-7820XSapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 Nitro+11.04488i7 7820X @ 4,6Ghz
8 cores, 16 threads
PC (Windows 10 1703)Intel Core i7-5820KNVIDIA GTX 1080ti (2 x)11.04496
PC (Windows 10)Intel Core i9-7980XEAMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition11.0.145198256Intel Core i9-7980XE @ 4,2ghz
18 cores, 36 threads
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Core i9-7900X2 x AMD R9 Nano
1 x AMD RX580 (eGPU on TB3)
4813676910 cores, 20 threads
M.2 storage
PC (Windows 10)Intel Core i7-7820XSapphire AMD Radeon RX 580 Nitro+11.049100i7 7820x @ 3,6Ghz
8 cores, 16 threads
PC (Windows 10 1709)AMD Ryzen 1700XAMD Radeon 280x11.015426108AMD Ryzen 1700X @ 3,4GHz
8 Cores 16 Threads
PC (Windows 10 1703)Intel Core i7-3770NVIDIA GTX107011.05528159131Intel Core i7 3770 @ 3.40 GHz
4 cores, 8 threads
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Core i7-3820AMD Radeon Pro WX510011.0641644 cores, 8 threads
PC (Windows 10 1703)Intel Xeon X5670NVIDIA GTX67011.08256237204Intel Xeon X5670 @ 2.93 GHz
6 cores, 12 threads
PC (Windows 7)Intel Core i7-4770NVIDIA GTX660 11.084651531164 cores, 8 threads
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Core i7 4710HQ NVidia GTX860M
Intel HD Graphics 4600
11.09876172146Laptop MSI GS60 2PC Ghost-231
Intel Core i7 4710HQ
(4-core, 8-threads, 2.50 GHz)
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Xeon L5640NVIDIA GT71011.0328285335297Intel Xeon L5640 @ 2.26 GHz
6-core, 12-threads
PC (Windows 10 1709)Intel Xeon L5630NVIDIA GT71011.0420366443384Intel Xeon L5630 @ 2.13 GHz
4-core, 8-threads

Method of this benchmark

(Garrison @ the Phase One forums came up with this test, I’ve gathered the data and put it into this table for a better insight)

  1. Download this zipfile with RAW files and unpack them to some folder,  50 photos made with Canon 5D mk3, size about 1.3GB.
    (These photos were made by Garrison and he assures so no property rights are violated)
  2. Start C1 and ensure that GPU acceleration is enabled:
    Menu Edit – Preferences – General tab – Hardware acceleration – Processing set to Auto
    (if it was set to “Never” before, you need to restart C1 so changes are applied)
  3. Open RAW files that were downloaded on step 1 and wait until they are fully imported (previews are built by C1).
  4. Set up the following export parameters:
    • Format: JPEG
    • Quality: 100%
    • ICC Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
    • Resolution: 300 px/in
    • Scale: Fixed 100%
    • Open with: None
    • It is very important to set up export with these parameters! Otherwise the bench results won’t be reliable!
  5. Make the first export (GPU accelerated) noting the duration of this process.
    At least one export process is needed. However it would be great if you’ll be able to make it 2 or 3 times, because results may vary depending on HDD caching, computer background processes and others. Take the shortest time duration – it is the first bench result.
  6. Disable GPU acceleration: menu Edit – Preferences – General tab – Hardware acceleration – Processing set to Never. Restart C1.
  7. Make the second export (no GPU acceleration) in a similar way as in step 4.
  8. That will be the second bench result.
  9. Make a post in this thread with the following format:
    • Computer type (PC/Mac) and model (if any) and OS version
    • CPU+GPU – benchmark time 1
    • CPU only – benchmark time 2
    • CPU model
    • GPU model
    • C1 version


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