First let me thank you for supporting me!

I guess you came on this page through the link you found in you order confirmation e-mail so let’s get you started.

Your selected photos will be uploaded in a structured folder set on my SharePoint site, after opening the link your browser will open a folder with your name.
I plan to keep this available for you so save this page as a bookmark or save the link I’ve sent you.

PS: the photos in these folders are subject under my copyright and our usage agreement, please honor this and don’t distribute the links or photos without my consent.

  • In this folder you will find subfolders of the event(s) you’ve ordered photos of
  • [Download] will download all folders into a zip file or the selected folders
  • You can change the layout of the page and check the size of the photos
  • [Download] without a selection will download all photos into a zipped archive
  • [Download] with a selection (by using the dots in the right top corner) will download the selected photos into a zipped archive

After opening the preview of a photo you can use the toolbar to

  • [ Download ] the original photo
  • [ View original ] opens the original photo in another tab, you can use the browser’s settings to view or download the file/photo
  • [Previous/Next ] navigates through the folder as a gallery
  • [ X ] closes the preview
  • [ i ] shows information about the photo