2017-08-26 Championnat de France de PVL 2017 Barlin

2017-09-23 Euro Revanche Coursing Hoope (DE)

2017-07-30 Coursing Laferté sur Amance

2017-06-30 FCI European Coursing Championship Lotzwil (CH)

2017-06-17 Dutch Poker Run 2017

2017-06-10 Hockey at DDHC Raamsdonksveer (NL)

2017-06-04 WvCNL Pentacost Coursing Oude Pekela (NL)

2017-04-15 EasterCoursing Laferté sur Amance (FR)

2017-04-08 ChocoladeCoursing Axel (NL)

2017-03-19 First National Race WRZ Rotterdam (NL)

2017-03-18 Tracktraining LWR Venlo (NL)

2016-12-26 Chasing Hare with Falconers in Overmere (Belgium)

2016-10-29 FunCoursing CC2000 Lage Mierde (The Netherlands)

2016-10-22 Barsoi JahresAusStellung Trautskirchen (Germany)

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam: Four in Hand

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam, Saturday: Fryske Quadrille

2016-10-08 Clubkampioenschappen OWRV ‘t Haasje Etten-Leur (NL)

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam, Saturday behind the Scenes

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam, Saturday: Game 3

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam, Saturday: Game 2

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam, Saturday: Game 1

2016-10-01 Museumplein Polo Amsterdam

2016-09-02 Nationale d’Elevage Club SLAG Romotantin (France)

2016-08-28 Polo Proeverij met Sterren Waalre (The Netherlands)

2016-08-21 Outdoor Helvoirt 2016 Cross Country (The Netherlands)

2016-08-07 Sighthound Demo Summer Event Eagles Ranch Texel (The Netherlands)

2016-07-21 Coursing Club des Lévriers d’Amorique de Morlaix (France)

2016-06-17 FCI European Coursing Championship 2016 Veľké Pole (Slowakia)

2016-05-05 Dutch Sandtrack Championship WRZ Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

2016-04-17 Three Hearts Run Geldropse Windhonden Ren Vereniging (GWRV) (The Netherlands)

2016-04-10 Coursing Amermont (Belgium)

2016-04-03 Trophyrun LWR Venlo (The Netherlands)

2016-03-27 Coursing (PVL) Laferté sur Amance (France)

2015-11-28 Altena Sleddog Competition Gilze (The Netherlands)

2015-11-22 Hunting with Falconers at Stekene (Belgium)

2015-11-08 Coursing KVW Beringen (Belgium)

2015-10-31 CC2000 Funcoursing Lage Mierde (The Netherlands)

2015-10-25 Hunting with Falconers at Stekene (Belgium)

2015-10-10 Club Championship OWRV ‘t Haasje Etten-Leur (The Netherlands)

2015-09-27 International st Hubertus Coursing Volkmarsen (Germany)

2015-08-30 WSVB Swiss Combi Trophy Lotzwil (Switzerland)

2015-08-09 DWZRV Champions Coursing Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

2015-07-20 Nationale d’Elevage Club SLAG á Chalette sur Loing et PVL á Acheres (France)

2015-06-06 FCI European Coursing Championship 2015 Helsinki (Finland)

2015-05-09 Racetrack Training LWR Venlo (The Netherlands)

2015-05-02 Racetrack Training SEWR Son (The Netherlands)

2015-04-19 Racetrack Training WRZ Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

2015-04-18 Coursingtraining Theux (Belgium)

2015-04-11 Roparun Sponsor Run Zaltbommel (The Netherlands)

2015-01-31 Peel & Maas Challenge (The Netherlands)

2015-01-10 International EuroCup Snowcoursing Galtür (Austria)

2014-12-13 Sint Anthonis 2014 (DASSC) (The Netherlands)

2014-11-30 Mushing For All Holland Alphensebaan Gilze-Rijen (The Netherlands)

2014-11-22 Racetrack Training RWR Swift Velp (The Netherlands)

2014-11-08 Coursing KVW Beringen (Belgium)

2014-10-25 KIVO Kempentrail Veldhoven (The Netherlands)

2014-10-18 Autumn Coursing Ronostrand WvCNL Een (The Netherlands)

2014-09-13 Dutch Coursing Championship Lauwersoog (The Netherlands)

2014-08-10 National Kronenberg Coursing OWRV ‘t Haasje (The Netherlands)

2014-07-20 Coursing (PVL) Club SLAG Romorantin (France)

2014-07-06 Sony Experience (The Netherlands)

2014-06-28 FCI European Coursing Championship 2014 Lavarone (Italy)

2014-05-25 Beautifully dressed and charming: Limoladies

2014-05-11 International Mothers Day Coursing OWRV ‘t Haasje (The Netherlands)

2014-04-27 NVOW Workingday WRA Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2014-04-26 Motorcross Training MC Lidu Den Dungen (The Netherlands)

2014-04-20 International Coursing (PVL) Laferté-sur-Amance (France)

2014-04-06 Coursing (PVL) Club de la Cote d’Amour Rougé (France)

2014-03-23 Eurocup Coursing Rotheux (Belgium)

2014-03-16 Motorcross Training MC Lidu Den Dungen (The Netherlands)

2014-03-08 Motorcross Training MCC Geldermalsen (The Netherlands)

2014-03-01 DASSC Thuisblijverswedstrijd (The Netherlands)

2014-02-15 Peel & Maas Challenge (The Netherlands)

2013-11-02 Funcoursing OWRV ‘t Haasje Lage Mierde (The Netherlands)

2013-10-26 International Halloween Coursing Landstuhl (Germany)

2013-10-19 Autumn Coursing WvCNL Ronostrand Een (The Netherlands)

2013-10-12 Clubchampionship OWRV ‘t Haasje Etten Leur (The Netherlands)

2013-10-06 Hiking at Kootwijkerzand (The Netherlands)

2013-08-23 Hiking with Skrebbel

2013-08-11 National Kronenberg Coursing OWRV ‘t Haasje (The Netherlands)

2013-07-21 Coursing Club SLAG in Roullet (France)

2013-06-23 European Coursing Championship Pouch (DE)

2013-06-09 Coursing in Barlin (France)

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